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Pest Control
Quality pest control means treating and reinforcing all of your home's lines of defense against pests. Don's Quality Service makes use of all the tools available, as well as understanding the pest life cycle, from time released microencapsulated chemicals and perimeter protection treatment to follow up service and pest monitoring. Using state of the industry technology and integrated pest management strategies, Don's Quality Service provides the best in pest control today.

Initial Treatment
Don's Quality Service begins with a thorough inspection of your home, as well as strategic placement of pest baits, monitors and sensors. By placing high quality pest control products directly into the cracks and crevices where insects live and breed, Don's Quality Service reaches pests in their harbor zones while minimizing human exposure to pest control products. Initial treatment eliminates approximately 80-90% of certain pests in your home, and also serves as your first treatment in Don's Quality Perimeter Defense Program.

Follow-Up Treatment
Don's Quality Service returns to your home for a second indoor treatment to eliminate adult pests or offspring from eggs that may have escaped initial treatment. During the second pest protection application, our technicians are able to identify, treat and seal minor points of entry from which pests may reinfiltrate your home.

Perimeter Defense Program
Pests can be relentless and pest control products break down over time. Consequently, Don's Quality Service provides a Perimeter Defense Program as an every other month supplement to our Pest Protection Plan. Don's Quality Perimeter Defense Program is designed to maintain a permanent protective barrier around your home, preventing pests from ever getting a foothold again. Since 90% of pest problems originate outside the home, Don's Quality Perimeter Defense Program provides exterior treatments every other month. Customers appreciate the convenience and effectiveness of Don's Quality Perimeter Defense because it keeps pests out of the house and they don't even have to be home to let a technician inside. We can also customize a pest control program that best suits your needs.

Satisfaction Guarantee
All services provided by Don's Quality Service are guaranteed. If after our treatments, you discover a pest has invaded your home, just call Don's Quality Service for an appointment at no additional charge. If you are not fully satisfied with our service we would like the opportunity to resolve any of your concerns. We will return to your home and work diligently until the problem is solved. If the pest problem can not be solved to your satisfaction we will credit your account.

Pest Prevention Recommendations
Weather Stripping- Weather stripping around doors and/or windows should be repaired or replaced.
Standing Water- Standing water increases pest populations. Drain, adjust sprinklers, landscape to help avoid.
Garbage Cans - Keep all garbage covered and sealed to prevent attraction or access to rodents and/or insects.
Door Sweep - One or more doors have a gap that can allow rodents and/or insects inside. Install sweep/repair.
Dryer Vent - The dryer vent on the exterior of the structure needs to be repaired or replaced.
Wood/Soil - Keep all wood from touching soil to reduce wood destroying insects access to structure.
Vegetation - Keep all vegetation trimmed 12 inches from perimeter of structure to maximize treatment efficiency.
Plumbing - Repair or replace leaky plumbing to reduce moist environments for pests.
Branches - Trim tree branches away from touching the structure to reduce access of insects and/or rodents.
Firewood- Keep firewood away from structure to reduce wood destroying insects, and pest harborages.
Pet Food- Clean up and remove any remaining pet food (leave water) after each feeding.
Gutters - Keep all gutters and roof lines free of debris to reduce insect harborage areas.
Garage - Keep all food/pet food out of garage unless stored in air tight heavy duty plastic or metal containers.
Debris - Keep all debris off premises. Debris allows harborage of insects and animals near structure.
Liners - Keep all garbage containers lined with plastic to reduce food sources for insects.